Ocktoberfest 2011 - Munich, Germany - September 17 - October 3: Family Friendly Oktoberfest

Ocktoberfest 2011 - Munich, Germany - September 17 - October 3

Friday, January 05, 2007

Family Friendly Oktoberfest

As with any social event, alcohol and partakers of often can cause a scene that is less than respectable to some. There has always been a rising issue surrounding the alcohol consumption of younger participants and how they behave there after. Those that cannot handle what they have consumed are called Bierleichen, which stands for beer corpses in Deutsch, and when the inebriation reaches a point of passing out they are brought to the medical tent where they can be looked after.

The most recent development towards creating a more family-friendly atmosphere during Oktoberfest contains two parameters. In 2005 it was purposed and accepted no Schlager will be drank until 6:00 in the evening. Likewise, pop music would not be played but rather a soft melody of traditional wind music would float across the atmosphere. Seemingly successful, many families have enjoyed the comfort of a child-appropriate setting with which they can enjoy with their families.


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